Sunday, October 17, 2010

Virtual Box Virtual Images won’t start after upgrading

After a few weeks of vacation and some other projects I started using Virtual Box again. As as usual I needed to update the application. I downloaded the new version (3.2.10), also noticed that it’s now all Oracle stuff. I started my a old virtual machine, however I always failed after a few seconds. Created a new virtual machine and again.

I tracked it down to the Storage section. Normally the VM configuration used the IDE controller. However in the new version I noticed that the virtual hard disk was mounted on the SATA controller.

So by default it looks like it attaches the VHD to the SATA Controller. I changed this back, so the VHD is now mounted on the IDE controller.

This fixed the problem, I can now start the VHD without problems. Probably an existing Windows 2008 VHD doesn’t like switching from IDE to SATA.

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