Thursday, March 25, 2010

Navigation options in Onet.xml in SharePoint 2010

I was building some site templates and tried to set the option “sub sites” for Top navigation, but not for the Quicklaunch. After reading these blogs: and I noticed there were some changes in SharePoint 2010 navigation when using the publishing feature.

Here are the new properties that are in SharePoint 2010:

  • GlobalDynamicChildLimit
  • CurrentDynamicChildLimit
  • GlobalIncludeSubSites
  • GlobalIncludePages
  • CurrentIncludeSubSites
  • CurrentIncludePages
Note I:
IncludeSubSites and IncludePages still work, however they set the value for of the subsite and page property of both the Global and Current section.
Note II:
The (misspelled) property AutomaticSortingMathod still works, but you can also use AutomaticSortingMethod.

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